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Hello, I’m Avery! I’m a 25 year old, transmasc/gender fluid/gender something, on the cusp of graduating from my UG degree in History and Anthropology.

I’ve always had a massive love of books since I was a small child who hid under their covers reading late into the night. Sadly, being stuck at uni for 4 years left me with almost 0% time to read things for pleasure so I am super excited to almost be free to review all of my catch up books!

I like reading both fiction and non-fiction books, particularly enjoying any books which centre on the experiences or representation of women, queer, disabled and POC; human-animal relations and animals; history and historical fiction; international relations and politics; and of course, Disney and Studio Ghibli!

When I’m not being crushed under my work load or reading I am either playing video games, watching Cryoatic play video games, bullet journaling, watching Netflix trash, or chilling with my hamster (Faolan) or almost 3 year old rescue Staffy (Achilles).

Come find me on goodreads for many chaotic booky lists and things.


I am a 23-year-old dabbler, doodler and sometimes drabbler who often goes by the name of Louise.  I am almost never without a book.  I mainly read fiction and fantasy, with the occasional smattering of horror here and there.

Some favourites include His Dark Materials, A Song of Ice and Fire, A Little Life, The Song of Achilles and anything by Neil Gaiman.  I also like snakes and video games!

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I’m Socket – Socks for short! I’m 24 years old and a freelance illustrator (in between my retail job and reading over Lubby’s shoulder). I take they/them pronouns.

When I’m not doing the job-related things I’ve already mentioned, I enjoy playing videogames, dorking about in my myriad fandoms*, designing strange beasts, and searching for the one true and perfect brownie recipe.

My favourite books are the Edge Chronicles series, a large number of Terry Pratchett’s works (notably Hogfather and anything containing the Nac Mac Feegles), Tipping the Velvet, and more or less anything Neil Gaiman has ever written or co-written! And if it has lesbians in it, sign me up.

*My fandoms, did you say? Final Fantasy XV, Ace Attorney, Pokémon and The Adventure Zone are my biggest and brightest main fandoms, although that is only the tip of my huge, hulking fandom iceberg. Trust me. It goes deeper.

I also have a Goodreads (although I don’t use it as much as I ought to – I’ll try to keep it updated)!